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Nordson YESTECH is a leading provider of automated optical inspection systems, with integrated yield enhancement solutions for the printed circuit board assembly and advanced semiconductor-packaging industries, Nordson YESTECH is operated and managed by a team of industry experts with a history of success, bringing powerful and cost-effective inspection to the electronics market.  



Important Nordson YESTECH Milestones


  • YESTech Inc. Ships First AOI system
  • YESTech Introduces YTV-1000 Bench Top AOI system 


  • YESTech Moves into New Corporate Headquarters 
  • YESTech Ships 100th System to Apsco Manufacturing 
  • YESTech China Opens in Shanghai
  • Introduction of the YTX-6000 Automated X-Ray Inspection System 
  • YESTech South East Asia Opens in Singapore 


  • YESTech Ships 200th System to CTS
  • New F1 AOI Series Introduced
  • Introduction of B2 AOI system
  • YESTech Ships its 300th System Panasonic
  • YESTech Recognized as Entrepreneur's HOT 100


  • YESTech Opens Office in Hampshire, UK 
  • YESTech Ships 500th Inspection System to Panasonic 
  • YESTech Wins Service Excellence Award Second Year in a Row 
  • YESTech Acquired by Nordson Corporation 
  • YESTech Ships 600th System
  • Introduction of the YTV-M1m AOI system
  • YESTech Wins Service Excellence Award Third Year in a Row 
  • YESTECH introduces YTV-B2 AOI
  • YESTech Expand Operations to New Facility in Carlsbad California 
  • YESTech Wins SMT Vision Award
  • YESTech Wins SMTAI Event at New Headquarters
  • YESTech Introduces new FX-Series AOI


  • Nordson Acquisition
  • Nordson YESTECH rolls out new branding
  • Nordson YESTECH launches new website
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the YTV-B3
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the X1 AOI
  • Introduction of next generation FX-UV Automated Conformal Coat Inspection system
  • Nordson YESTECH Ships 600th System
  • Nordson YESTECH Showcases latest generation M1m at IMAPS


  • Nordson YESTECH opens China offices in Shanghai
  • Introduction of the YTX-X3 3-D Automated X-Ray Inspection System
  • Nordson YESTECH Showcases all new NYT Vision software


  • Nordson YESTECH Opens New Corporate HQ
  • Introduction of Conformal Coat Inspection
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the FX-SL
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the FX-940
  • Nordson YESTECH Ships 1000th System


  • Nordson YESTECH Wins Fourth Service Excellence Award for 2010
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the FX-UV


  • Nordson YESTECH Ships 1500th System
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the new BX Series AOI


  • Nordson Eurpope Complete line solutions
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the new FX-940UV
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the new FX-940 Series AOI
  • Nordson YESTECH Ships 2000th System


  • Nordson YESTECH Wins Second Consecutive Service Excellence Award 2015
  • Nordson YESTECH Wins SMT Innovation Award 2015


  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces the new FX-942UV
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces Sub-mircon Inspection AOI


  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces new FX-942 Dual Side AOI for THT
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces FX 500 SPI Inspection
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces new BX desktop body style
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces new BX-UV desktop body style


  • Nordson YESTECH introduces M2 Series AOI 
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces Auto Programming feature for 3D
  • Nordson YESTECH wins EM Asia Award
  • Nordson YESTECH Introduces LX-1000 -- Fall 2019