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X-ray Inspection Systems


Quadra Series Logo X-ray Inspection

Quadra™ Series X-ray inspection takes you beyond optical imaging. Proprietary QuadraNT sealed X-ray tube technology allows you to non-destructively inspect obscured areas inside devices and components at up to 68,000 times magnification.

 Quadra3 Xray System


With 0.95 µm feature recognition and X-Plane image slice technology, Quadra 3 is perfectly designed for PCBA production line quality control. 

Inspect BGA and QFN attachment, solder shorts, PTH filling and detect counterfeit components.


Quadra 5 excels at challenging workflows.


0.35 µm feature recognition and higher output power open up additional high resolution bond wire, package level inspection and failure analysis capabilities.

 Quadra 5

 Quadra 7


Ultimate image quality at 0.1 µm feature recognition, Quadra 7 is the most capable X-ray tool on the market for failure analysis and production quality control.


With component and board sizes getting smaller all the time, Quadra 7 ensures your quality needs are met today, and well into the future.


 X-ray Inspection

Quadra core technology with a super compact system footprint.


Explorer One at work


Explorer One Logo

Our smallest, easiest to site X-ray system yet, Explorer one inspects smaller boards (up to 300mm) with market leading 2 μm image quality. Detect a wide range of PCBA manufacturing defects including BGA, QFN and IGBT attachment, PTH filling and counterfeit devices.




XD Series X-ray Inspection

Proven X-ray inspection systems for electronics production and large board applications.


Jade Plus X-ray

Jade Plus logo

Restrictions in manufacturing materials and ever increasing expectations for reliability mean ensuring quality product manufacture is more important than ever. Jade Plus enables you to Prove Your Quality and reduce product returns from the field, and the associated cost and damage to reputation.

Ruby XL

The optimal solution for large boards, XD7800NT Ruby XL allows 96 x 67 cm (37.9” x 26.4”) regions to be inspected in one piece. 

0.5 µm feature recognition allows PCBA level quality control, and package level inspection and failure analysis.

Ruby XL 7800


X-ray Accessories

Enhance the capabilities of your DAGE X-ray inspection system with these accessories.



View sample slices without additional CT hardware. X-Plane add-on software makes it significantly easier to examine complex PCBA arrangements such as double-sided boards, package on package structures and look at interfacial voiding.

µCT Computed Tomography


Create 3D models and image slices of your sample at high resolution. µCT allows you to unambiguously examine microscopic features and defects with confidence, perfect for failure analysis applications.

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option Image

Heated Stage Option

Heated Stage

Simulate reflow oven conditions and view solder processes in real time with the Heated Stage for Quadra X-ray inspection systems.

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