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X-ray Counting Systems

Assure Series are intelligent, simple and fast component counters based on x-ray technology.

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Assure X-ray Component Counter



Assure™ Series is created always to be sure about material storage





Inventory knowledge is essential for modern industry. Whether you are a SMT manufacturer, supplier or broker, live assurance of correct inventory in your MRP system at all times minimizes stock, labor, errors and costs ensuring customer confidence and trust. Keep your SMT lines running.

AssureTM is the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to implement live component inventory management into your organization. Intelligent, simple, fast, and trustworthy, Assure enables you to increase productivity and minimize component shortage downtime.



Coming soon:




 Assure Inline System


a fully integrated counting system which is connected to a storage system 
via conveyers and ERP.

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