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XD7800NT Ruby XL

The Solution for Large Board Applications

Designed for the largest PCBs, Ruby XL allows 96 x 67 cm (37.9” x 26.4”) areas to be inspected non-destructively, with feature resolution up to 0.5 µm.


  • Nordson DAGE NT500 Maintenance-Free, Sealed-Transmissive X-ray Tube
  • Proveable < 0.5 μm Feature Recognition 160 kV Tube with Up to 10 W Target Power
  • Always Retains Sub-Micron Ability
  • Nordson DAGE 3 Mpixel @ 25fps Long Lifetime CMOS Flat Panel Detector with Real Time Image Enhancements
  • Geometric Magnification 1,800 X, System 7,800 X and Total 23,400 X with Digital Zoom
  • 47” x 26.4” (1205 x 672 mm) Maximum Board Size
  • 70° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification 
  • Two 24” TFT LCD Monitors
  • AXiS - Active X-ray Image Stabilisation
  • No Programming Skills Required for Automated Inspection Tasks
Nordson DAGE, the only X-ray company whose focus is on X-ray electronics inspection, offers the Nordson DAGE XD7800NT Ruby XL X-ray inspection system as the optimum solution for large boards. The unique Nordson DAGE NT maintenance-free, sealed-transmissive X-ray tube, providing 0.5 μm feature recognition and up to 10 W of target power, together with the 3 Mpixel long lifetime CMOS flat panel detector makes this jewel of a system cover all the failure analysis and manufacturing tasks required in the production environment.
The vertical system configuration with the X-ray tube sitting below the isocentric ‘move and tilt’ of the detector, all controlled through simple, joystick-free, ‘point and click’ operation, provides the safe, collision-free and high magnification inspection required for production applications. All these tasks can be simply and quickly automated from within the Nordson DAGE “Windows 7” Image Wizard software without the need for programming skills. Optional upgrades include X-Plane® and joystick control.