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X-ray inspection for electronics assembly

Restrictions in manufacturing materials and ever increasing expectations for reliability mean ensuring quality product manufacture is more important than ever. Jade Plus enables you to Prove Your Quality and reduce product returns from the field, and the associated cost and damage to reputation.
Prove Your Quality
Jade Plus inspects the hidden regions of your products which are inaccessible to optical tools.
  • Spot quality process trends early using advanced measurement tools for distance measurement and voiding.
  • Ensure IPC-A-610 and IPC-7095 compliance with built in checking for BGA and QFN voiding, solder ball diameter, roundness, bridge and missing.
  • See assembly defects clearly with 0.95 µm image resolution. 
Inspect Fast
Enjoy high throughput even with a high mix of products.
  • Save time inspecting multiple boards. Program an automated inspection routine once, then load, click and go.
  • See from every side at high magnification. Nordson DAGE’s unique double angle geometry does not rotate the board so you never lose orientation.
  • Click to jump directly to a specific part. Component Location uses board design data so you always know what you are looking at.

Open Tube Technology

Jade Plus features an open X-ray tube with a replaceable tungsten filament.

  • Designed with maintenance in mind so you can be up and running fast, whenever the filament defocuses or expires.
  • Tungsten filaments fade over time, however you can experience ‘as new’ performance at any time by swapping in a new filament.
  • Training included, to minimize the risks of contaminating or damaging the X-ray tube during filament changes.

For a maintenance free alternative, consider Quadra® 3 which requires no filament changes, ensuring ‘as new’ uninterrupted performance for life.



 Jade Plus solder pad defect measurement Component Location feature on Jade Plus 

Screen for solder pad defects quickly with automated voiding measurement.

See what you are inspecting and move to parts quickly with the Component Location feature.

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