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Unique Multi-Function Cartridges

Switch Applications in Just Seconds!

Nordson DAGE’s thorough understanding of bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment underpins the no-compromise development of industry-unique multi-function cartridges (MFC’s).

Initially designed to be used in conjunction with automatic test routines on the 4000Plus bondtester, the uniquely designed MFC’s expand the versatility of manual testing on the 4000 Optima, enabling ultra-quick application changeover.

Two multi-function cartridges are available:
Semiconductor 250 gram shear / 5kg shear and wire pull 100 gram
Hybrid 20kg shear / 1kg pull and 10kg pull


The Multi- Function Cartridge is covered by patents in Europe and the US, and pending patent applications in China, Japan and Korea.

Unique Features:

  • Guaranteed correlation with both 4000 and 4000Plus cartridges
  • Operators can easily identify, which transducer is active when not in use, via the cartridge window
  • Park Position’ protects the transducers inside the cartridge rather than leaving one of them exposed and susceptible to damage
  • Ergonomic and low-mass with grab handles for safe and secure removal
  • Quick and easy to interchange with single load cartridges
  • Frictionless pull to record true load
  • Patented air bearing technology for shear testing
  • Minimum off-axis tool deflection
  • Sealed load cells for high reliability applications
  • Compliant load cells for collision detection and controlled load application
  • Automatic electromagnetic damping at low loads
  • Dual application calibration jigs


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