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The Nordson DAGE 4800 INTEGRA® is a complete solution for automated on wafer bond testing


Virtually Operator Free Testing

The system is completely controlled via Paragon™ software and once programmed will perform all parts of the test fully automatically with no need for operator.

Full SECS/GEM Integration

The system connects directly to a network to allow full SECS/GEM operation. When combined with a FOUP loading system, testing, analysis and results can be entirely automated.

Clean Room Compatible

An optional fan filter unit and front doors can be added with Ionisers for clean room operation.

Light Tower

The light tower quickly informs the user about the current state of the 4800 Integra™.

Automatic Wafer Justifier

Wafer justification combined with our patented Lipseal™ technology ensures that even very warped wafers can be tested accurately.


 4800 Integra Wafer Justifier  

Light Curtains

Light curtains are used to protect operators from the test area. If broken the system will pause the current test and restart once the obstruction is removed.

4800 Integra Light Curtain


Watch the video below to see the 4800 Integra in action.

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