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2K Mixer Accessories

Nordson EFD offers 2K mixer accessories for a variety of industrial mixing applications.

Use with our disposable static mixers, conventional meter mix equipment, or two-component cartridge systems for different jobs.

Dispense Tips

EFD dispense tips are the highest quality in the industry. All tips are produced in silicone-free facilities, and subjected to stringent quality control inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Luer Lock Adaptors

Attach dispense tips to static mixers with our luer lok adapters with locking hubs. If you want to use a metal jacket with the 3/16” ID or 1/4" ID bell mixers, order the mixer and the luer lok fitting as two separate items unassembled.

Night and Ratio Check Caps

Select our PTFE ratio check caps and night caps for use with EFD manifolds and dispensing valves.

Mixer applications: Series 160


EFD two-component manifolds separately port the resin and hardener into the mixing nozzle. Clean up involves simply wiping the manifold face after removing the nozzle. In-line check valves are available to prevent back flow or cross contamination of reactive material.

Mixer applications: Series 160, 162A

One Piece Metal Jackets

For medium- and high-pressure systems where pressure inside the mixer is greater than 150 psi (10 bar), we recommend that a metal jacket be used over the mixing nozzle. For robotic applications where repeat positioning is required, select a robotic version.

Mixer applications: Series 160, 162A, 480

Retaining Nuts

Use when a metal jacket is not required. EFD aluminum retaining nuts hold mixing nozzles onto adaptors, manifolds, and valves.

Mixer applications: Series 141, 160, 162A, 442

Pipe Adapters and Connectors

Connect mixer nozzles to pre-existing manifolds or valves using EFD pipe adapters and connectors.

Mixer applications: Series 85, 100, 160, 162A