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Nordson EFD provides precision dispensing solutions for nearly every type of fluid used in your assembly process. Find the best equipment based on the type of fluid you’re dispensing by selecting your material below.

Each page contains more details about EFD’s manual to automated dispensing systems. If you prefer to speak with an experienced application specialist, don’t hesitate to request expert help.


Nordson EFD glue dispenser, the 736HPA-NV high pressure valve, dispensing a uniform bead of adhesive onto a brake line in automotive assembly. Nordson EFD glue dispensers provide industry-leading process control by delivering precise, repeatable adhesive dispensing results.


The Ultimus™ II super glue dispenser applying precise amounts of cyanoacrylate in a general industry manufacturing application. Nordson EFD cyanoacrylate dispensing equipment delivers accurate, consistent super glue deposits for exceptional assembly process control.


Automated pneumatic grease dispenser, the Liquidyn® jet valve, dispenses grease sideways onto a rotating cylinder to demonstrate the ability to dispense from any angle. Nordson EFD grease dispensers reduce fluid waste and cleanup associated with applying dots and beads of grease in manufacturing environments.


Nordson EFD’s sealant dispensing equipment applying a consistent, continuous bead of sealant onto an automotive part. Nordson EFD sealant dispensing equipment provides exceptional process control for greater throughput with less rework and less material waste.


Nordson EFD’s silicone dispenser, the xQR41 MicroDot needle valve, applying silicone onto a printed circuit board (PCB) of a medical device. Nordson EFD silicone dispensers include a wide range of solutions to improve your process when dispensing thin silicone oils to thick RTVs.