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ValveMate Dispense Valve Controllers

Nordson EFD's ValveMate™ dispense valve controllers put push-button adjustment of valve open time where it needs to be — at the valve. Maximize automated assembly machine efficiency and convenience.

ValveMate controllers provide the primary control of deposit size. They are designed to bring fluid dispensing control close to the dispense valve and provide numerous user-friendly features that simplify valve setup and operation.

With control of the dispensing cycle close to the valve, there is less fluctuation therefore more consistent deposits.

Available Models

ValveMate 7100

Single-valve controller designed for semi-automated or fully automated dispensing applications, and features an internal control air solenoid.

ValveMate 8000

Multi-valve controller capable of operating up to four dispense valves independently or simultaneously, and features external control air solenoids.

ValveMate 9000

Dual-valve controller supports two independent channels that can drive remote high-speed solenoid valves and incorporates a heating system with spike-and-hold functionality.


  • Maximum process control
  • “On the fly” deposit adjustment
  • Easily interfaced with a PLC
  • Up to four programmable actuation channels
  • Fast-response pneumatic solenoids

Compatible Valves

EFD dispense valve controllers are simple to setup and operate, and easy to interface with PLCs and other equipment.

Part Numbers

ValveMate Dispense Valve Controllers
Part # Description For use with
7015340 7100 Valve Controller 702, 725, 736HPA-NV, xQR41, 741, 752 Valves
7022004 8000 Multi-Valve Controller 702, 725, 736HPA-NV, 741,
752 Valves
7022246 8000 Single Valve Controller 702, 725, 736HPA-NV, 741,
752 Valves
7022247 8000 Dual-Valve Controller 702, 725, 736HPA-NV, 741,
752 Valves
7022248 8000 Tri-Valve Controller 702, 725, 736HPA-NV, 741,
752 Valves
7022249 8000 Quad-Valve Controller 702, 725, 736HPA-NV, 741,
752 Valves
7028693 9000 Valve Controller 702, 725, 736, 741, 752, 754,
xQR41 Valves