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When you partner with Nordson EFD, you benefit from a wide range of reliable, best-in-class precision fluid dispensing solutions paired with 50+ years of application knowledge and global technical support.

As products and solutions grow in complexity, machine builders face increasing demands to design machines that increase productivity and business agility while lowering cost of ownership for customers. And few things can sabotage a machine’s performance faster than unreliable dispensing equipment.

At Nordson EFD, we consider the thousands of proven application tests and successful real-world applications we’ve implemented when recommending a dispensing system for machine builder projects.

In addition to reliable dispensing systems, EFD offers the widest range of solutions:

More than 130 types of valves are available for nearly any type of fluid and application requirement. Our valve controllers allow users to make on-the-fly adjustments to maximize the speed and efficiency of the valve.

And since most of our application specialists have 10+ years of dispensing expertise, you don’t have to worry about selecting the right valve fittings, fluid reservoirs, or dispensing components. We ask all the right questions to provide custom recommendations within your budget.

This paired with prompt response times, innovative dispensing solutions, and global end-user support, creates a win-win situation for machine builders and your end users.

If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date on the latest dispensing technology from Nordson EFD, sign up for our bi-annual Machine Builder / OEM Tech Updates.

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784S-SS Aseptic Spray Valves

784S-SS Aseptic Spray Valve

The 784S-SS aseptic microspray valve, with FDA-compliant wetted parts, features a fluid flow path free of entrapment areas, ideal for sterile applications.

754V Aseptic Valves

Nordson EFD 754V Aseptic Valve Dispensing Lens Solution Nordson EFD's 754V aseptic dispense valve features a smooth fluid flow path that is free of any entrapment areas. FDA-compliant wetted parts make the valve suitable for CIP (Clean-In-Place) and SIP…

794 / 794-TC Auger Valves

Nordson EFD 794 Auger Valve Dispensing Solder Paste The 794 Series auger valve makes precise, repeatable deposits without damage to the metal alloy particles in fluids such as solder paste and silver epoxies. For highly abrasive fluids such as…

752V Diaphragm Valves

Nordson EFD 752V Diaphragm Valve Dispensing onto Hose

The 752V Series diaphragm valve delivers fine flow control when dispensing solvents, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, fluxes, UV-cure adhesives, and other low- to medium-viscosity fluids.

781S General Purpose Spray Valves

Nordson EFD 781S Spray Valve The 781S Series general purpose spray valve provides exceptional control for reliable, consistent coatings of low- to medium-viscosity fluids using Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology.

752HF High Flow Diaphragm Valves

Nordson EFD 752 Diaphragm Valve Applying UV Cure Adhesive

The 752HF Series high flow diaphragm valve provides precise, drip-free dispensing of UV-cure resins and similar fluids used in the media manufacturing of DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, and CDs.

736HPA-NV High Pressure Valves

Nordson EFD 736HPA Dispensing onto Automotive Part Nordson EFD's 736HPA-NV Series high pressure valve applies uniform amounts of thick materials like greases and silicones at pressures up to 2500 psi (172 bar).

741MD MicroDot™ Valves

Nordson EFD 741 MicroDot Valve

The 741MD Series MicroDot needle valve dispenses very precise micro-deposits down to fractions of a microliter. Pneumatically operated and adjustable, it delivers superior fluid dispensing control.

MicroMark® Spray Marking Valve Systems

Nordson EFD 781RC Recirculating Valve Marking a Radiator Nordson EFD’s unique MicroMark spray marking systems eliminate clogging, maintenance, and downtime by using a programmable air delay after each cycle to clean the spray nozzle.

787MS MicroSpray™ Valves

787MS-SS MicroSpray™ Valve The 787MS-SS MicroSpray valve’s innovative design incorporates a small gauge disposable dispensing tip to apply a precise, uniform spray pattern more than 30% smaller than standard spray…

702 Mini-Diaphragm Valves

Nordson EFD 702V aseptic dispense valve coating lenses

The 702 Series mini-diaphragm valve provides drip-free coating and consistent shot-to-shot bonding in optical media and other applications requiring smaller and lighter weight dispense valves.

781Mini™ Spray Valves

781 Mini Spray Valve The 781Mini spray valve’s innovative design directs nozzle air pressure more consistently for exceptionally more uniform, narrower spray patterns than previously possible.

741V Needle Valves

Nordson_EFD_741V_Needle_Valve_on_robot_a The 741V Series needle valve design applies low viscosity assembly fluids with accurate, extremely close repeat deposit control.

725D Piston Valves

725D dispensing onto brake discs

The 725D Series piston valve delivers consistent, precise deposits of viscous fluids. Its unique diaphragm isolates wetted components from the actuator, providing superior wear…

782RA Radial Spray Valves

Nordson EFD 782RA Radial Spray Valves

The 782RA Series radial spray valve’s unique design allows it to apply a precise, uniform 360° coating of lubricants, primers, and other low- to medium-viscosity fluids inside cylinders.

xQR41 MicroDot™ Valves

xQR41 Exchangeable quick-release Valve for microdot applications The xQR41 Series MicroDot needle valve features QR (Quick Release) technology, a 60% smaller form factor, and modular design for new levels of customization in precision fluid dispensing.