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With precise deposit control, Nordson EFD’s solutions improve yields and reduce costs in electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing.

We help electronics manufacturers increase profitability with fluid dispensing solutions engineered for the most demanding production environments.

In benchtop assembly processes, our dispensers improve productivity by placing fluid more accurately and consistently. Our valve systems increase yields, while reducing material waste in automated and semi-automated operations used in electronics manufacturing, including mobile devices and wearables.

Our ESD-safe dispensing tips, syringe barrels, and adapter assemblies prevent static buildup from damaging fragile electronic components – minimizing costly rejects.

Nordson EFD's innovative line of automated dispensing systems includes industry-leading robots that increase output speed and batch quality, while offering incredibly simple and intuitive programming and operation.

In addition, our complete line of solder pastes improves quality and consistency. Meeting the most stringent standards in a variety of manufacturing applications for reliable process control, they increase throughput and first-pass yields.

Our solder paste dispensing solutions include the Liquidyn® P-Jet SolderPlus® jetting system designed specifically to jet specialized Nordson EFD solder paste with extremely repeatable results at high speeds. We also offer the reliable 794 auger valve for accurate, repeatable contact dispensing applications.

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PICO Pµlse® Jet Dispensing Valve

PICO® Pµlse™ Valve Nordson EFD’s PICO Pµlse exchangeable, modular jet valve technology dispenses with industry-leading accuracy and speed to apply very precise, repeatable micro-deposits at 1000Hz…

3-Axis PROPlus / PRO Series Automated Fluid Dispensing Robot

xQR41 Valve mounted on a PROPlus dispensing UV material on printed circuit board The vision-guided PROPlus / PRO Series is Nordson EFD's most advanced automated dispensing system, designed and configured for precision and simplified usability.

xQR41 MicroDot™ Valves

xQR41 Exchangeable quick-release Valve for microdot applications The xQR41 Series MicroDot needle valve features QR (Quick Release) technology, a 60% smaller form factor, and modular design for new levels of customization in precision fluid dispensing.

Ultimus™ V High Precision Dispenser

Ultimus V high-precision fluid dispenser provides the most process control in benchtop syringe dispensing applications for adhesive or glue, oil, grease, epoxy, silicone, sealant, cyanoacrylate, solder paste, and other assembly fluids. High-precision benchtop fluid dispensing control for advanced applications, two-part epoxies, and fluids that change viscosities.

ESD-safe Tips

Nordson EFD ESD-safe Fluid Dispensing Tips

These dispensing tips prevent static buildup that can damage fragile electronic components, such as semiconductors and printed circuit boards.

Solder Paste and Flux

SolderPlus, PrintPlus® and FluxPlus™

Nordson EFD’s comprehensive line of ISO 9001-certified solder paste solutions include high- quality printing and dispensing soldering pastes that meet the most stringent application…

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

thermal compound

Our innovative, non-silicone thermal compounds provide an ideal thermal solution by ensuring reliable heat transfer over a longer time than most industrial thermal interface materials.