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Jet engines As the demand for civil and defense aircraft continues to surge, Nordson EFD innovates to deliver precision dispensing solutions that help aerospace manufacturers improve quality and throughput.

Ammunition and Defense

High precision fluid dispensing systems for ammunition sealing. Nordson EFD offers industry-leading fluid dispensing systems for sealing ammunition, color-filling gun sights, bonding sensor assemblies, lubricating brass, and more.

Animal Health

Animal health provider medicating a large animal with veterinary pharmaceuticals using a disposable dosing syringe. Nordson EFD provides advanced packaging and controlled drug delivery systems for animal health products worldwide. Industry-leading, disposable Dial-A-Dose® and Posi-Dose® dosing syringes are…


781RC Valve marking a radiator

Automotive manufacturers rely on Nordson EFD for reliable precision fluid dispensing solutions that deliver smaller deposits, higher accuracy, and lower dispense tolerances.


Nordson EFD Two component products in the construction industry Nordson EFD helps contractors, builders, and municipalities lower operating costs and increase quality with a variety of two-component (2K) dispensing systems.


752V Valve dispensing onto a PCB With precise deposit control, Nordson EFD’s solutions improve yields and reduce costs in electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing.

Fluid Packaging

Nordson EFD syringe barrels, cartridges, and two-component products for fluid packaging. Nordson EFD solutions bring fluid packaging to a higher level of reliability, while meeting the growing demands of today’s cutting edge manufacturing processes.

Food Processing and Packaging

725 Valve filling containers with sauce Nordson EFD solutions optimize food processing and packaging with a range of precision filling, automated dispensing, and spray valve systems.

Life Sciences

Ultimus™ III Dispensing applying cyanoacrylate The medical device and life sciences industry must meet stringent regulations for quality and product consistency, making process control a critical issue. Nordson EFD meets the demands of this…

Machine Builders

Spray Valve on Machine When you partner with Nordson EFD, you benefit from a wide range of reliable, best-in-class precision fluid dispensing solutions paired with 50+ years of application knowledge and global technical…


Typical marine vessel that requires two-component dispensing systems for applying protective coatings, gelcoat, sealants, epoxy, and adhesives for repair and maintenance applications. Nordson EFD offers various two-component (2K) dispensing and spraying systems to apply protective coatings, sealants, and epoxy used in the marine industry. Our solutions make marine vessel coating…

Mobile Devices and Wearables

Cell phone Nordson EFD continues to exceed the expectations of the mobile device and wearables industry with reliable, precise, sophisticated fluid dispensing solutions that yield better quality, reduce waste,…