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Nordson EFD 797PCP for dispensing one and two part fluids

Get the right volume of fluid, every time, for industry-leading process control with progressive cavity pumps from Nordson EFD.

Our precision volumetric dispensing pumps deliver best-in-class accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1%. Whether you’re dispensing one-component or two-component (2K) fluids, our automation-ready pump systems provide the precision you need for perfect fluid dispensing in your manufacturing process.

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797PCP Progressive Cavity Pumps

797PCP Progressive Cavity Pumps Continuous volumetric dispensing independent of fluid viscosity or changes in viscosity over time gives you a reliable, repeatable process.

797PCP-2K Progressive Cavity Pumps

797PCP-2K Progressive Cavity Pumps Continuous volumetric meter mix dispensing for two-component (2K) fluids provides industry-leading process control for manufacturers.

DIN Volumetric Pump Controllers

DIN Volumetric Pump Controllers Intuitive control of 797PCP and 797PCP-2K progressive cavity pumps in a small form factor designed for mounting on DIN rails for automated processes.

ValveMate Volumetric Pump Controllers

ValveMate Volumetric Pump Controllers Intuitive touchscreen control of 797PCP Series progressive cavity pumps for precise adjustments of volumetric dispensing parameters at your fingertips.

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