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xQR41V Needle Valves

Designed for precise, consistent fluid control, the xQR41V Series needle valve features a (QR) Quick Release clasp, modular design, and 60% smaller form factor.

The QR clasp makes it easy to remove the fluid body from the valve in seconds – no tools required. Because the valve can stay mounted while the fluid body is cleaned, changing out fluid takes less than 2 minutes, which significantly reduces downtime while increasing productivity.

A 60% smaller form factor allows the xQR41V to dispense in tighter spaces and at more complex angles. The ability to mount more valves per fixture plate increases production capacity.

The needle valve’s exchangeable, modular design makes it easy to adapt to different dispensing applications. Configured with a BackPack™ Valve Actuator, its cycle rate exceeds 60-80Hz with an actuation speed as low as 5-6 milliseconds. Configured with a mounting block, xQR41V dispenses precise, repeatable lines, stripes, and larger deposits.

How xQR41V differs from the xQR41 Series MicoDot™ needle valve is mainly in the design of the valve, which makes it suitable for use with the full range of Nordson EFD dispense tips, including general purpose and SmoothFlow™ tapered tips. xQR41V can dispense a wider range of fluid viscosities in accurate, repeatable amounts.


  • Patented QR (Quick Release) clasp for fast, easy serviceability
  • 60% smaller form factor to increase production capacity
  • Use with the full range of Nordson EFD dispensing tips
  • Low retained volume in fluid body reduces fluid waste

Compatible Fluids

  • Accelerators
  • Marking Inks
  • Silicone oils
  • Solvents
  • UV-cure & light-cure adhesives

The complete system includes the xQR41V dispense valve, valve controller, fluid reservoir, and dispense tip. For even faster throughput, integrate with an EFD automated dispensing system. See the Dispense Valve Selection Guide for a complete list of controllers compatible with this dispense valve.

When micro-deposits are required, the xQR41 MicroDot needle valve dispenses deposits as small as 150 µm diameter.

Part Numbers

xQR41V Valve Series
Part # Description Specification
7362489 xQR4V with BackPack Includes stroke control knob.
7362488 xQR41V with Mounting Block Includes stroke control knob.