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MicroMark Spray Marking Valve Systems

Nordson EFD’s unique MicroMark® spray marking systems eliminate clogging, maintenance, and downtime by using a programmable air delay after each cycle to clean the spray nozzle.

Ideal for color coding, indicating pass/fail, or showing production or test status, our marking systems produce round patterns and stripes from 5.0 mm (0.20”) to 30.4 mm (1.20”) wide without overspray.

The valves can be activated manually, or interfaced with other systems to mark at scheduled intervals or whenever a signal is received.

Available Models

MM781-SYS MicroMark Spray Marking System

For inks and paints that do not require recirculation, this low-maintenance spray marking system provides consistent spray patterns that are easy to adjust.

781RC MicroMark Recirculating Spray Marking System

Using a recirculating pump to keep pigments suspended, this spray marking system produces uniform spray patterns while it eliminates clogging, overspray, and missed shots.


  • No clogging, dripping, or drying out
  • No missed shots
  • Consistent size and placement
  • Cycle rate exceeds 400 cycles per minute
  • No mist or overspray
  • Low-maintenance design

Compatible Fluids

  • Marking inks
  • Marking paints

The complete 781RC system includes the 781RC-SS spray valve, ValveMate™ 8040 controller with single in-line solenoid, recirculation pump enclosure assembly, and fluid reservoir. The complete MM781-SS system includes the 781S-28 dispense valve, ValveMate 8040 controller, and fluid reservoir.

For even faster throughput, integrate with an EFD automated dispensing system.

Part Numbers

MicroMark Valves
Part # Description Specification
7013915 781RC-SS Recirculation spray valve with 0.36 mm (0.014”) diameter nozzle. Round pattern, narrow angle. All metal parts are passivated 303 stainless steel.
7013769 781RC-SS Same as #7013915 recirculation spray valve but with 0.71 mm (0.028”) diameter nozzle. Round pattern, narrow angle. All metal parts are passivated 303 stainless steel.
7023895 MM781-SYS For fluids not requiring recirculation. Includes spray valve, ValveMate 8040 controller, solenoid valve kit and 1-liter tank reservoir.