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Disposable Square OptiMixers

Optimizing mix performance in a 20% shorter length than comparable square mixers, the OptiMixer™ allows users to get even closer to applications.

Developed using proprietary flow simulation software, the OptiMixer’s unique, patented design includes material flow path and wedge element improvements. This allows it to deliver improved mix quality in a significantly shorter length – the shortest of its kind in the marketplace.

The shorter length allows users to dispense two-component materials with greater control, resulting in higher job quality. It also contributes to 30% less retained fluid volume, substantially reducing fluid waste for better cost savings.


  • 20% shorter length than comparable square mixers
  • 30% less retained volume for reduced fluid waste
  • Improved mixing without compromising other performance factors
  • Available with Nordson EFD SmartLok™ adapter to fit F-System Side x Side cartridges

OptiMixers work with large-volume (≥ 200mL) EFD u-TAH® Universal cartridges, sustainable Film-Pak® cartridges, Side x Side cartridges, and 380mL Coaxial cartridges.

Available Options

Series 480 Disposable Mixers

The Series 480 mixer elements are 8.7 mm wide and are available with 9, 17, 25, 33, and 41 mixing elements. The number of elements determines the housing length and retained volume. Housing lengths range from 7.4 cm to 20.6 cm. Inlets are either integral nut or bell. Outlets are barbed or stepped.