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Disposable Square Turbo Mixers

Shorter than comparable spiral mixers, Nordson EFD’s square Turbo™ Mixers allow users to get closer to their application while reducing adhesive waste.

A patented design delivers more thorough, complete blending. It consists of alternating left- and right-hand elements with intermittent flow inverters that channel fluids from the walls of the mixer to the center of the plastic mixer and from center to walls.


  • Shorter length than comparable spiral mixers
  • Cost savings from reduced adhesive waste
  • Improved service life compared to similar square mixers

Available Options

Series 480 Disposable OptiMixer

The unique, patented design of the OptiMixer™ includes material flow path and wedge element improvements. It delivers improved mix quality in a 20% shorter length.

Series 180A Disposable Turbo Bell Mixer

Please see the Series 480 OptiMixer section above.

Series 280 Disposable Turbo Bell Mixer

The Series 280 mixer provides optimal mixing while reducing retained fluid waste. An optional “hanging bracket” attaches it to EFD cartridge systems.

The bracket’s double-looped form snaps onto the Series 280 mixer’s 11.2 mm (0.442”) nozzle and over the neck of a cartridge, creating a durable attachment.

Series 281N Disposable High Flow Turbo Mixer

The Series 281N 14.3 mm high flow mixer provides consistent high-quality mixing, allowing higher flow rates with less effort. This series features snap off extensions. It is designed to fit most disposable cartridges.

Series 295 Disposable Turbo Bayonet Mixer

The patented Series 295 square bayonet mixer provides superior fluid mixing performance. Designed for standard 50mL two-component cartridges, the mixer’s square geometry consists of a series of alternating left-hand and right-hand elements with intermittent flow inverters.