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ProcessMate 5000 Universal Centrifuge

Quickly and efficiently remove entrapped air from fluid packaged in syringes with the benchtop ProcessMate™ 5000 Universal Centrifuge.

Centrifuging prior to air-powered or mechanical dispensing dramatically improves process control and reduces rejected parts. The ProcessMate 5000 features adjustable speed control, allowing the user to adjust G-force for low- to thin-viscosity fluids.

Compatible Fluids

  • Two-part epoxies
  • Frozen epoxies
  • RTVs
  • Greases
  • And more


  • Electric brake
  • Audible end-of-run indicator
  • Fixed angle rotor
  • Safety lid-lock
  • Four 3cc – 30cc syringe capacity

Adapters securely hold 3cc, 5cc, and 10cc syringe barrels.

Part Numbers

ProcessMate 5000 Universal Centrifuge
Part # Description For use with
7015542 100-240 VAC Centrifuge 2-part epoxies, frozen epoxies, RTVs, greases, various other fluids