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HPx High-Pressure Dispensing Tool

Easily apply precise amounts of thick assembly fluids like epoxies and medical-grade adhesives through dispense tips as small as 0.004” with Nordson EFD HPx™ dispensing tools.

Featuring a unique design, HPx tools increase the pressure inside disposable syringe barrels up to seven times. Designed to work with Nordson EFD air-powered dispensers, they produce a maximum dispensing pressure of 700 psi.

Increase yields and produce better quality parts in less time, while minimizing the risk of repetitive stress injuries.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic aluminum hand piece
  • Low level fluid indicator for syringe barrel replacement notification
  • Built-in wrench for easy tip installation/removal



Uses a 3cc syringe and produces up to 700 psi (48.2 bar) of dispensing pressure.


Uses 5cc Nordson EFD syringe barrels and pistons, and produces a maximum pressure of 400 psi (27.6 bar).


Uses a larger capacity 10cc syringe and produces up to 400 psi (27.6 bar) of dispensing pressure.

Both models are compatible with small gauge Optimum® dispense tips and syringe barrels for convenient fluid management.

Part Numbers

HPx High-Pressure Dispensing Tool
Part # Description Specification
7023590 HP3cc 700 psi (48.2 bar)
7015289 HP5cc 400 psi (27.6 bar)
7012598 HP10cc 1400 psi (27.6 bar).