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BackPack Valve Actuator

Achieve valve actuation speeds as fast as 5 to 6 milliseconds by adding the BackPack™ valve actuator to your Nordson EFD precision dispense valve. Reduce the possibility of shot size variation due to fluctuating plant air supply or different line lengths.

The BackPack is a compact, fast-acting solenoid. Built with advanced miniature solenoid technology, it has the capability to cycle certain EFD valves up to three times faster, with cycle rates that exceed 80Hz. (In contrast, typical valve actuation speeds and cycle rates are 15 milliseconds and 400 cycles.)

It also enables the dispensing of very small fluid deposits without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

EFD’s BackPack valve actuator mounts on the side of the valve air cylinder, not on a separate fixture. It is available pre-installed on new valves or separately for use with existing valve installations.

Use with our ValveMate™ 8000 controllers and automated dispensing systems.

Compatible Valves

Part Numbers

BackPack Valve Actuator
Part # Description Specification
7361396 BackPack BackPack is available preinstalled on new valves, or can be ordered separately to retrofit existing valves.