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Nordson Screen Pack

For an efficient filtration process and to exploit the full potential of the filtration system a state-of-the art filtration medium is essential. The Nordson Screen Pack is designed with all our knowledge of polymer processing and is the strong core your filtration system needs.

The Nordson Screen Pack is made of high-quality weaves, combined to ensure the highest filtration efficiency. Square weave layers provide unique structural strength and ensure maximum stability against mechanical stress. Layers from an optimized Dutch weave ensures maximum permeability. Nordson Screen Packs are tailored to the cavity and provide optimum peripherical sealing. The screen pack and all its layers are cleaned ultrasonically to protect your process from any kind of contamination.


  • Efficient filtration of contaminations, e.g. fiber, wood, paper, black specks, gels
  • Prolonged working life of the screen pack, more output between screen changes
  • Increased product quality
  • Easy installation


  • High-quality weaves, combined to meet your process requirements
  • Tailored to the cavity
  • Spot welded for maximum stability
  • Ultrasonically cleaned
  • Available in various sizes