Polymer Processing Systems

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BKG® WRP-12i In-Line Pelletizers

Nordson's BKG water ring pelletizer connects directly to the end of the extruder, screen changer or gear pump via a short coupled adapter allowing polymer to flow horizontally from the extruder to the in-line die plate.

The rheologically optimized design minimizes polymer inventory between the extruder and die plate and evenly distributes polymer flow to each die plate hole. The result is a consistently uniform pellet.

Reclaim, masterbatch, and compounders will benefit by improved pellet quality during both short and extended production runs.



  • Uniform polymer flow to die plate
  • Lower inlet pressure = increased rates
  • Rapid blade and die plate removal
  • Fast color changes
  • Easy clean-out
  • Simple start-up and operation
  • Improved pellet dryness
  • Easy dryer access and cleanability
  • Insensitive to process variations


  • In-line cutter geometry
  • Retractable cutter head design
  • Open water trough
  • New cylindrical pellet dryer
  • Integral dryer blower
  • Fully interlocked control system
  • Independent pellet cut