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BKG® CrystallCut®

BKG CrystallCut® underwater pelletizing system is designed for PET polymer production and recycling and allows for the pelletizing and crystalliization of PET in ONE single process step without the need for additional energy.

  • Viscosities between IV 0.4 und 0.9 dL/g (PET)
  • Crystallization up to 40% and above without additional use of energy (virgin PET)
  • Complete, continuous process
  • Verifiable reduction in production cost
  • Lower energy consumption compared to conventional crystallization
  • Direct conveyance into SSP is possible
  • The product is almost dust free
  • No sticking together of the PET pellets
  • Increased bulk density of PET pellets by up to 8%
  • Quick and easy start-up and change of product


  • Crystallization by use of the energy present within the pellets
  • Homogeneously crystallized pellets