Polymer Processing Systems

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EDI® Die Carts

Nordson's rapid servicing systems enhance worker safety, reduce downtime, simplify die disassembly and reassembly, and help prevent costly damage to critical die surfaces during maintenance. With these systems, die halves are easily rotated to access flow surfaces and streamline cleaning procedures.

EDI Die Cart:

  • Safely support your extrusion die while it is in operation with a horizontal mounting die cart
  • Design your cart to help you work more efficiently, include an operator's platform or supports for other items mounted close to the die (e.g., feed pipes or screen changers)


EDI UltraCart™:

  • EDI UltraCart™ systems will streamline your cleaning procedures because the system allows the die halves to be easily rotated to access flow surfaces
  • EDI UltraCart™ system may be designed for single-manifold dies or multi-manifold coextrusion dies
  • Fully mechanized, the system can be wheeled to the processing line for off-loading of the die and moved to a workplace for die cleaning and maintenance. Technicians can offload, disassemble, clean, reassemble, and return the die to operation–all without removing die components from their secure mounting on the cart