Polymer Processing Systems

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EDI® BOPA Biax Film Dies

Nordson offers processors custom-engineered die systems for the production of BOPA film. 


  • Unsurpassed coextrusion uniformity leading to a consistent thickness across the final film product
  • Increase structure versatility with equipment designed to accommodate dissimilar viscosity materials
  • Reduce downtime during product changeovers with custom-engineered designs and optional features, based on your specific application needs
  • Maximize production efficiency with optimized manifold designs



  • Autoflex™ automatic or manual gauge control
  • Coextrusion is possible with either a multi-manifold die or single manifold die and feedblock 
  • A variety of high quality materials of construction and surface finishing techniques available
  • Optional features include EverSharp™ lip coating technology or laser-hardened lips to increase productivity
  • EDI Dual Chamber Vacuum Boxes available as an option