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Whether it is designing single components or integrating elaborate systems, Nordson has the ability to provide engineered solutions that take your Extrusion application to its maximum level of performance.


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Nordson Screen Pack

Nordson Screen Pack The screen pack is the core of every filtration system and essential for an efficient filtration process. The Nordson Screen Pack, manufactured from high quality weaves provides exceptional…

3/2-Way Valves

3/2-Way Valves The BKG 3/2-Way valve is used to switch between two production processes, like underwater pelletizing and film extrusion for example.

3/3- Way Valves

3/3- Way Valves The BKG 3/3-Way valve is used for switching between two large area filters and two production processes.

6/3-Way Valves

6/3-Way Valves The BKG 6/3-Way valve is suitable for co-extrusion processes in order to realize different material blends.

Agglomerate Catcher

Agglomerate Catcher Any agglomerates are automatically detected as they break the light beam of a "photo-eye". When clumps of pellets are detected the agglomerate gate automatically opens and any oversized material is…

BKG® Extrusion Pumps Types EP-SE-EO / EP-SF-EO

BKG® Extrusion Pumps Types EP-SE-EO / EP-SF-EO BKG® BlueFlow™ Gear Pumps types EP-SE-EO / EP-SF-EO are used in extrusion, compounding and polymerization processes.

BKG® FlexDisc™

BKG® FlexDisc™ The BKG® FlexDisc™ allows for a significantly enlarged filtration area, without increasing the machine size and weight.

BKG® High Pressure Gear Pumps Type MHDP / MJHDP

BKG® High Pressure Gear Pumps Type MHDP / MJHDP The BKG® BlueFlow™ high pressure gear pump type MHDP / MJHDP is a positive displacement device which provides a linear output over a wide range of operating conditions.

BKG® JCP 1724 Jet Cleaner

BKG® JCP 1724 Jet Cleaner The BKG® JCP 1724 Jet Cleaner is ideally suited for small to intermediate size cleaning applications.

BKG® Masterbatch Pumps Type MP-SE / MP-SF

BKG® Masterbatch Pumps Type MP-SE / MP-SF The BKG® BlueFlow™ masterbatch pump type MP-SE / MP-SF is suitable for sensitive plastics.

BKG® Mini Jet Cleaner

BKG® Mini Jet Cleaner The Mini Jet Cleaner is the smallest unit in the BKG® jet cleaner product line. It utilizes heat and vacuum to effect vaporization.

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