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Precision dispensing fluid epoxy for electronics and product assembly operations

Epoxies are used in several different applications in electronics manufacturing and other precision product assembly operations. Nordson ASYMTEK has developed specific dispensing system solutions for the various ways in which epoxies may be used.

One example is underfill, which is often a two-part formulation. Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems are world-renowned for underfilling in a range of applications. Visit our Underfill page for more details.

Conductive adhesives, like silver epoxy, demand precision fluid dispensing as well as the highest levels of process control in order to keep waste to a minimum.

Hot-melt material dispensing is used in mobile device electronics assembly, such as display bonding and component assembly and can include epoxy formulations.

For two-component (2K) materials, Nordson ASYMTEK offers a range of dispensing and coating systems and valves and applicators to use as different two-component (2K) technologies are emerging in electronics manufacturing.

Solder mask can be in an epoxy formulation and automated fluid dispensing is a cost-effective application method in high-mix, low-volume environments.

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