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Helios SD-960 Large Volume Fluid Dispensing System

The Helios™ SD-960 Series is developed for medium to large volume dispensing applications in Electronics Assembly, including Thermal Interface Material (TIM), Potting, Gasketing and Sealing.

The new Helios™ SD-960 Series (SD-960) handles a broad range of single- and two-component applications including Potting, Sealing, Gasketing, and Structural Adhesives. The system supports highly abrasive Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), silicones, epoxies, and grease.

Equipped with Nordson ASYMTEK dispense valves or fully integrated Nordson SEALANT metering systems, the SD-960 can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Options such as time-pressure valves, closed-loop process control, and servo-controlled positive displacement systems are available.

The Mass Flow Calibration (MFC) option (patent pending), found in other Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing systems, ensures dispense volumes remain within defined process limits through weight-controlled dispensing and automatic calibration.


• Integrated controls for two-component (2K) Metering Systems
Fluidmove® Software, user programmable dispense geometries
• Mass Flow Calibration (patented) by optional large capacity weight scale
• Automatic XYZ Needle Calibration by optional sensor
• Camera system for programming and fiducial recognition.
• Stainless steel surface design for easy cleaning
• Supports the routing of bulk fluid supply hoses

Fluidmove® Software

Helios Fluidmove

Like the Spectrum® ll and Quantum® dispensing systems, the SD-960 system includes a laptop equipped with Fluidmove software that enables users to gain control of their dispensing processes through an easy-to-use interface and programming within a standard Windows environment. The system camera or height sensor supports post-dispensing commands with other Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing platforms.

Bulk Fluid Delivery Systems

A wide variety of single- and two-component dispensing valves are available for the SD-960 system to support a range of applications.

Depending on the configuration, systems are supplied with a bulk fluid hose enclosure (“top hat”) that provides vertical clearance for the secure routing of remote bulk-feed hoses and to accommodate valves and mixers. If needed, an optional HMI screen can be installed to control the metering system integration.

Fluid supply systems can be built up with various components, like different sized reservoirs, fluid regulators, booster pumps, level sensors and more. Depending on the specific fluid and application requirements.

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