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Positive Rod Displacement Technology

Positive rod displacement metering proportions materials to the exact volumetric ratio time and time again, even with notoriously difficult materials like abrasives that can cause machine wear.



Principle of Positive Rod Displacement

As the metering rod moves through the cylinder, material is displaced. Inlet and outlet valves ensure the displaced material is directed downstream. The shot size of the material is determined by the distance the material travels, and the flow rate is determined by the speed of the material flow.

Advantages of Positive Rod Displacement Technology

  • High shot adjustability
  • Minimal wear components
  • Ability to handle abrasive materials
  • Air can be purged from the top of the cylinder without turnover
  • Repairs are quicker and conducted from the top of the cylinder, which is easier to access
  • If a new material is required, only the rod would need to be changed as opposed to the entire cylinder
  • Provides longer seal life
  • Larger range of material capabilities due to non-rotating seals