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Micro-Meter 1K

Micro-Meter 1K, a highly repeatable one-component metering system, is powered by positive rod displacement technology to dispense small volumes of material with precision ratio and volumetric output control.

The Micro-Meter 1K is a small, light and easy-to-mount one-component meter that does not sacrifice any accuracy in dispensing the smallest amounts of material, as little as 0.05 cc. Micro-Meter 1K is powered by positive rod precision for proportioning exact volumetric ratios, time and time again.


Application Capabilities

  • Encapsulating
  • Micro-dispensing
  • Gasketing
  • Bonding


Micro-Meter D2K - Micro-Dispensing 


Technical Data

Metering principle: Positive rod displacement
Ratio design: Variable
Viscosity range: Liquids and pastes (1 - 350,000 cps)
Volumetric output: 0.05 - 12.00 cc
Working pressure: Up to 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Flow rate: 10 cc / sec
Flow rate type: Adjustable and variable
Volume repeatability: 1.0%
Drive: Servo
Dispense type: Shot and bead capable