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Encore Engage Powder Coating Controller

From the very start, we designed Encore Engage with powder coaters in mind, building in customer feedback and making user experience our top priority. A modern user interface offers effortless, intuitive control for operators, meaning increased efficiency and maximum productivity.

Nordson’s Encore® Engage Powder Coating System Controller transforms the user experience. Encore Engage’s completely reimagined controller interface delivers easy navigation and enables industrial internet of things (IIoT)/Industry 4.0 functionality for powder coating application.

Nordson Encore Engage Powder Coating System Controller Touchscreen Display

Control with confidence

Our Encore Engage powder application controller provides everything you need to know on a single screen. One that’s been completely redesigned so you have clarity and confidence in every step of your coating operation. Greater visibility of key information assures that every decision you make is the right one.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime

Encore Engage connects to the cloud to link to the Nordson Wisdom™ smart connected platform, pairing for an IIoT solution that moves powder coating customers into the era of Industry 4.0. This gives customers access to the factory floor even when they’re not on the factory floor with Wisdom dashboards to monitor components and to track maintenance status and overall system performance.

Together, these innovative features work to paint a clearer picture for operators, helping them gain an unprecedented understanding of their powder coating operation, so they can be confident in the decisions that impact quality and productivity.

Make every decision the right one. Contact us today to learn more about Encore Engage.


User friendly, intuitive interface
A 15-inch easy-to-read, contemporary and smart touch screen displays all essential system information and alerts on one screen.
Video tutorials
Clear, step-by-step video instructions guide an operator through the critical tasks reducing
training requirements.
Real-time performance data
Easy-to-access output status and other performance metrics to manage quality and productivity.
Easy operation
Modern graphics, intuitive symbols and a choice of screen language configurations make the system easy to use for all operators.

Guided recipe creation
Use guided walkthrough to create new recipes, select from preset options, or copy and modify an existing recipe.
Multi-gun configuration
Adjust flow rates or electrostatic charge for single guns, groups of guns or all guns to save time.


Make every decision the right one. Contact us today to learn more about Encore Engage.