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Fluidmove Software

Nordson ASYMTEK's Fluidmove® software enables users to gain unparalleled control of their dispensing processes with incredible functionality and flexibility, all within an easy-to-use interface

Fluidmove software offers multiple layers of process controls and many different features for Nordson ASYMTEK's dispensing systems, including fiducial finding capabilities, Iterative Dummy Dot dispensing, and support for ASYMTEK's wide range of system options such as Tilt Dispensing, Auto Dual Simultaneous (ADS)Monocle Vision Package (MVP), and more. New enhancements for Fluidmove software are regularly being developed; sign up for the customer newsletter to be notified when new features are available.


Fluidmove software is common across ASYMTEK's dispensing systems, making it simple to move your dispensing process from the lab to the production floor or between multiple systems in a production line. Process programs developed on a benchtop or batch system can easily be loaded and re-configured to run on fully-automated, conveyorized systems as your production volumes increase. When reconfiguring your dispensing system, Fluidmove makes the process simple. Parameters and settings libraries, maintained and accessed within the software interface, easily facilitate changes of dispensing jets/valves, fluid types, or substrates (wafers, Auer boats, PC boards, substrate pallets, etc.).

Enhanced Functionality

Fluidmove software manages the library of ASYMTEK dispensing jet and valve options, and also the expanded range of capability enhancements. Notable features include:

  • System maintenance is easily managed with scripted routines within Fluidmove software that guide operators through the different steps and actions to perform routine maintenance and calibration of the dispensing system, minimizing training requirements and eliminating the need to find manuals on busy production floors
  • Coordination of individual valve positions and operations in dual-valve systems (dual action or dual simultaneous) is managed through the Fluidmove programming interface
  • Automating jet tilt angle and rotation on the Programmable Tilt + Rotate option is controlled through Fluidmove
  • Substrate and nozzle heating controls, lighting and magnification options of the onboard vision system and management of the conveyors for dual-lane systems are all easily programmed through the intuitive menu and file systems within Fluidmove

Fiducial Finding Capabilities

Total system accuracy requires a good correlation between the onboard vision system and the motion control system to position the dispense jet or valve at the target location. Simple controls for lighting intensity and digital zoom capabilities for the vision system allow for creating the contrast necessary for the automated fiducial finding algorithms to work. Finding orthogonal and non-orthogonal, "odd form" fiducials is easy with the multiple fiducial-finding algorithms available to the user. System productivity is further maximized with additional programming enhancements designed to eliminate operator intervention and assistance events.

Factory Host Integration

Fluidmove software is also compatible with multiple factory automation systems (FIS, MES, SECS/GEM, etc.). Process programs can be controlled and maintained on the factory host and delivered to individual dispensing systems as needed with integrated bar code reading. Production tracking and log files are also available for uploading back to the factory host to maintain production logs. Some customization is required to interface with each unique factory automation system and can be handled through contact with our local sales representatives and software development team.

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