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Panorama Line Solutions

Nordson ASYMTEK designs automated conformal coating line solutions to fit your production process. Every Panorama™ line we build, includes the right balance of equipment and process control for optimal coating efficiency.

If you’re transitioning to automation or replacing depreciated or outdated equipment, our skilled technicians can design a creative coating line solution to meet your specifications.

A Coating Line for Every Process

Because our lines are modular, configuration possibilities are highly flexible and it’s easy to add equipment as needed. With a Nordson ASYMTEK line solution, you can rely on our team as your single point of contact for support and maintenance needs, process improvements, and smart solutions. Process control and automation work together to create efficiency across every Nordson ASYMTEK coating line.

Every line solution delivers:

  • A full range of equipment options
  • Minimal operator interaction
  • Closed-loop controls, parameter limits and inspection across the line
  • Process data for improved productivity
  • Stability and consistency at every step

Which line suits your needs best?

Panorama C-Line – Advanced Process Control

Panorama Conformal Coating Line - C-Line

The Panorama C-Line takes conformal coating to the next-level with advanced process control. Each component fits seamlessly together to deliver powerful coating and curing capabilities, closed-loop controls, and data to fuel continuous process improvement.


Panorama S-Line – Space Efficiency

Panorama Conformal Coating Line - S-Line

The Panorama S-Line delivers conformal coating process control in a compact footprint – with overlapping line processes that minimize manufacturing floor space use up to 50%. In this revolutionary patent-pending line layout, the lower compartment in each piece of equipment can include a curing or flash-off process.


Panorama R-Line – Custom Regional Solutions

Panorama Conformal Coating Line - R-Line

Equipment for the R-Line varies by region and is locally sourced to provide additional configuration flexibility and convenience. Panorama R-Line solutions offer capabilities that get the job done –  a great option for manufacturers who are transitioning to an automated conformal coating process.

Why Nordson?

You can be confident when choosing Nordson ASYMTEK as your coating and dispensing partner. Our commitment to innovation, investment in R&D and customer service excellence allow us to consistently deliver performance and reliability. Contact us today at We’ll help you design the right line solution, guide you through the entire process, and continue to support you with award-winning post-sale service and support.
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