Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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Universalâ„¢ Signatureâ„¢ Spray Nozzles

Universal Signature spray nozzles improve production efficiency and quality with exceptional versatility and clog resistance. Signature nozzles produce random hot melt adhesive coatings for continuous and intermittent high-speed lamination of roll-based materials used in nonwovens, wide and narrow web coating, and general manufacturing and assembly applications.

  • Achieve dense, uniform coverage with tight edge control and patterns that yield consistent bonding, tolerate process parameter changes, and help improve product quality.

  • Maximize production uptime for higher product output with superior clog resistance due to larger adhesive orifices and dispensing farther from webs.

  • Produce 22- or 25-millimeter patterns per nozzle without heavy or light areas.

  • Choose from durable all-steel nozzles in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full-width versions that operate in multiple orientations, including horizontal.

  • Extend existing equipment investment for maximum continuous lamination performance with compatibility to UM22 and UM25 modules, cost-effective UM50 modules for wide-web coating, or UM3 modules for metering applications.