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FulfillĀ® Retrofit Adhesive Fill Kit

Fulfill Retrofit adhesive fill kit allows operators to get the benefits of an automatic adhesive fill system with melters already installed. The Nordson Fulfill Retrofit kit is available as a simple field installation on most Nordson melters used in packaging.

The Fulfill Retrofit kit works with the new single-feed adhesive storage container and the new Nordson adhesive storage container that can be configured to feed up to four different melters.

Operator benefits include:
  • Reduced adhesive waste, charring, downtime and rejects

  • Adaptable to any application with hose length and multi-feed options

  • Minimized maintenance and downtime associated with adhesive char, degradation and contamination

  • Elimination of poor bonding and missed beads due to low or empty melter tanks

  • New multi-feed adhesive storage container that can transfer adhesive to up to four melters

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