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TrueCoat® FS Slot Applicator Series

TrueCoat FS slot applicators deliver operating efficiency and flexibility when applying coated substrates to boards / panels or profiles used in furniture, woodworking and building / construction applications. Accurate, reliable adhesive application in both cross-web and machine directions improves product quality and reduces adhesive consumption. TrueCoat FS applicators are available to handle traditional hot melt adhesives such as EVAs and polyolefins, or reactive moisture-cure polyurethanes (PUR).

  • Optimize adhesive use with accurate, uniform coverage in machine and cross-web directions.

  • Reduce maintenance and downtime with quick-exchange nozzles, solenoids and filters.

  • Simplify installation and web routing with specialized, compact design.

TrueCoat FS Slot Applicators
  • Make quick, easy setups and changeovers with automatic motor-driven width control.
  • Increase automation with optional grammage control software.
  • Choose from applicators that support application widths from 100 mm to 1,800 mm.

TrueCoat FS-PW Applicators for Profile Wrapping
  • Apply adhesives to a wide range of substrates that are applied to profiles of many different shapes and materials.
  • Choose from applicators that support application widths from 15 to 700 mm.
  • Configure for adhesive application from left or right edge or from the center/middle.
  • Help maintain web tension and alignment with the optional web guide.