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Plasma Cleaning Technology

Trust Nordson plasma cleaning and corona treatment solutions to sanitize and prepare surfaces

As an industry expert in commercial solutions and equipment, Nordson offers quality machinery and technology aimed at making your tasks as seamless and efficient as possible. Plasma cleaning technology prepares and treats surfaces in electronics manufacturing operations. If you need a corona treatment to alter the properties of a surface, you can trust our machines will consistently provide the high-frequency discharge required to improve adhesion or manage surface etching. Browse the various plasma cleaning machines and solutions below to find exactly what you need to enhance your processes. Or, visit Nordson MARCH for additional in-depth plasma cleaning expertise aligned to specific industries and processes, including medical device manufacturing, wafer-level packaging and more. 

AP Batch Series

AP Batch Series Nordson MARCH's AP series vacuum plasma treatment systems have small, mid-size and large vacuum chamber options that deliver process correlation, controller continuity and reliable, reproducible…

Nordson MARCH

ModVIA Expandable Plasma System

ModVIA Expandable Plasma System Nordson MARCH's ModVIA™ system can be upgraded from 4 to 8 plasma cells to grow with production requirements and operations and is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses or R&D institutions that…

Nordson MARCH

Nordson Screen Pack

Nordson Screen Pack The screen pack is the core of every filtration system and essential for an efficient filtration process. The Nordson Screen Pack, manufactured from high quality weaves provides exceptional…

Polymer Processing Systems

PD Plasma Deposition Series

PD Plasma Deposition Series Nordson MARCH's PD Series uses plasma polymerization to deposit materials during precision manufacturing processes

Nordson MARCH

PlasmaLINK Remote Control Software

PlasmaLINK Remote Control Software PlasmaLINK™ is a remote-control software package enabling customers to remotely operate and collect data from Nordson MARCH's AP series and RIE-1701 plasma systems

Nordson MARCH

ProcessLINK Remote Control Software

ProcessLINK Remote Control Software ProcessLINK™ software adds bar code reading capabilities to the PlasmaLINK™ software package for Nordson MARCH's AP series and RIE-1701 plasma systems

Nordson MARCH

RIE System

RIE System Nordson MARCH's RIE-1701 Plasma System is designed for advanced etching applications such as: removal of interlayer films for failure analysis, de-encapsulation and dielectric material removal,…

Nordson MARCH

R-Type 250 Recycling Filter

R-Type 250 Recycling Filter The R-Type 250 recycling filter is suitable for highly contaminated applications.

Polymer Processing Systems

SPHERE Wafer Series

SPHERE Wafer Series Designed for wafer processing, Nordson MARCH's SPHERE™ series plasma systems are ideal for wafer-level and 3D packaging applications. Plasma applications include descum, ashing/photoresist/polymer…

Nordson MARCH

TRAK Automated Series

TRAK Automated Series The Nordson MARCH TRAK® series of gas plasma cleaning equipment provides unparalleled treatment uniformity and process consistency

Nordson MARCH

VIA High Volume Series

VIA High Volume Series Nordson MARCH's VIA™ series delivers superior plasma treatment uniformity for etch-back, desmear and surface activation of large flexible or rigid panels during PCB manufacturing

Nordson MARCH

V-Type 3G Double Piston Backflush Screen Changer

V-Type 3G Double Piston Backflush Screen Changer The BKG® V-Type 3G is suitable for almost all processes and materials.

Polymer Processing Systems

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