Nordson EFD

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2K Systems

Nordson EFD 2K cartridges, pistons, and industry-leading u-TAH™ dispensing solutions work together to deliver thorough mixing and consistent deposits in every application.


2K Pistons

Two Component (2K) Pistons Nordson EFD offers three types of pistons for use with our cartridge systems – AF (Air Free) Pistons, Multi-Seal with Integral Center Bleed Plug Pistons, and Solid Multi-Seal Pistons.


Two Component (2K) Series 180A Disposable Mixers

Nordson EFD's high-quality mixers ensure optimal performance of two-component materials by dividing and recombining the materials evenly into a homogeneous stream.

2K Side x Side Cartridges

Nordson EFD Two component side by side cartridges in various sizes Nordson EFD offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, competitively-priced side x side cartridges for packaging and dispensing two-component materials.