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Thermal Compound

Our innovative, non-silicone thermal compounds provide an ideal thermal solution by ensuring reliable heat transfer over a longer time than most industrial thermal interface materials. 

Conventional, silicone-based heat sink compounds and thermal greases tend to spread after a number of heating and cooling cycles (so called pump-out), create voids, and lose effectiveness, leading to overheating of electronic components and premature product failure.

The synthetic-based, silicone-free thermal greases found in EFD thermal compounds make them suitable for use in the electronic, automotive, and electrical industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent heat transfer
    • Good wetting
    • Low bond line
    • Low thermal resistance
    • High thermal conductivity (high bulk thermal conductivity) for thick-film and gap-fill applications
  • Non-silicone
    • Does not dry out
    • Resists spreading / pump-out
    • Long, reliable performance
  • Water cleanable for easy use and clean-up
  • Dispense from syringe barrels with hand plungers, or with Nordson EFD’s electro-pneumatic dispensers
  • High dielectric strength
  • Long shelf-life stability
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Lead-free

EFD's thermal compounds are formulated to virtually eliminate pump-out, ensuring long-lasting thermal management and effective heat transfer.

The long-term material stability of our compounds guarantees they will not leach, dry, harden, or melt in normal industrial conditions.