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Nordson EFD’s comprehensive line of ISO-certified solder paste solutions include high quality printing and dispensing soldering pastes that meet the most stringent application requirements.

Use our solder paste solutions with EFD Optimum® components, fluid dispensing systems, and 794 auger valves for even greater accuracy and repeatability in deposit size and placement.

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FluxPlus™ Paste Flux

FluxPlus™ Paste Flux Formulated to work with any alloy and heating process, Nordson EFD’s FluxPlus is perfect for BGA rework, mobile device repair, reflowing solder paste, and more. 

Latex Solder Mask 1-775

Latex Solder Mask 1-775 Latex Solder Mask 1-775 is designed to protect selected areas of printed circuit boards (PCBs) during mass soldering operations.

PrintPlus® Printing Paste

PrintPlus® Printing Paste Nordson EFD’s print soldering paste is the industry leader in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) applications. Our batch-to-batch consistency helps reduce defects and eliminate the need for rework.

SolderPlus® Dispensing Paste

SolderPlus® Dispensing Paste When joints are needed but printing is not possible, Nordson EFD’s premium dispensing solder paste supports a wider array of applications with formulations created for specific uses.

Thermal Compound

Thermal Compound Our innovative, non-silicone thermal compounds provide an ideal thermal solution by ensuring reliable heat transfer over a longer time than most industrial thermal interface materials. 

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