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Two Component (2K) Series 180A Disposable MixersNordson EFD’s high-quality mixers ensure optimal performance of two-component materials by dividing and recombining the materials evenly into a homogeneous stream.

Contact us if you need custom mixers for specific materials and applications. Many times we're able to incorporate standard components into these custom mixers, which significantly reduce the price per unit.

Learn more about EFD cartridge systems, meter mix valves, and more. Check out our full line of 2K products.


2K Disposable Spiral Mixers™

2K Disposable Spiral Mixers™ Using simple, time-proven geometry, Nordson EFD’s patented disposable Spiral Mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a wide variety of two-component materials.

Nordson EFD

2K Disposable Square Turbo Mixers™

2K Disposable Square Turbo Mixers™ Shorter than comparable spiral mixers, Nordson EFD’s square Turbo Mixers allow users to get closer to their application while reducing adhesive waste.

Nordson EFD

2K In-Line Metal Mixers

2K In-Line Metal Mixers Nordson EFD in-line metal mixers’ housings and elements are made primarily of stainless steel. This makes them ideal for high-pressure applications and easy to clean and reuse.

Nordson EFD

2K In-Line Plastic Mixers

2K In-Line Plastic Mixers Ideal for one-use fluid dispensing, Nordson EFD’s disposable static mixers eliminate the need to worry about premature curing of materials. 

Nordson EFD

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