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EFD Precision Fluid Dispensers

Ultimus™ high precision air-powered fluid dispenserIncrease productivity and process control with precision fluid dispensers from Nordson EFD.

EFD fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the typical squeeze bottles, swabs, and hand syringes used in manual assembly processes.

We offer a wide range of fluid dispensers that distribute virtually any assembly fluid - from thin solvents to thick silicones and brazing pastes - with the utmost precision. EFD air-powered fluid dispensers deliver exceptional throughput and process control, with consistent deposits from beginning to end.

For the precise application of adhesives, lubricants, solder pastes, two-part epoxies, UV-cure adhesives, and other assembly fluids, Nordson’s Performus™ and Ultimus™ lines of EFD fluid dispensers supply optimal results.

Ready for automated or semi-automated options? Look at our valves and automated dispensing systems.


2K 50mL Manual Cartridge Dispensers

2K 50mL Manual Cartridge Dispensers For trouble-free point-of-use dispensing, select Nordson EFD’s 50mL manual 2K cartridge dispensers. Featuring a compact design, these versatile dispensers accept all ratios.

Nordson EFD

2K Equalizer™ Dispensing Tool

2K Equalizer™ Dispensing Tool Dispense more accurate, repeatable amounts of two-component materials in 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratios with the Nordson EFD Equalizer 2K Dispensing Tool.

Nordson EFD

2K u-TAH™ Universal Cartridge

2K u-TAH™ Universal Cartridge The breakthrough, two-component u-TAH Universal Cartridge looks identical to standard caulking cartridges, yet delivers the most effective, highest quality dispensing in the industry.

Nordson EFD

HPx™ High-Pressure Dispensing Tool

HPx™ High-Pressure Dispensing Tool Easily apply precise amounts of thick assembly fluids like epoxies and medical-grade adhesives through dispense tips as small as 0.004” with Nordson EFD HPx dispensing tools.

Nordson EFD

Mikros™ Fluid Dispensing Pen

Mikros™ Fluid Dispensing Pen The Nordson EFD Mikros dispensing pen features a 0.25cc reservoir that reduces waste while delivering consistent microdot control of medium viscosity assembly fluids.  

Nordson EFD

Performus™ Series Dispensers

Performus™ Series Dispensers Nordson EFD Performus dispensers increase throughput, improve yields, and reduce production costs through precise application of adhesives, lubricants, and other assembly fluids.

Nordson EFD

Portable Dispensers

Portable Dispensers Nordson EFD’s line of portable fluid dispensers is easy to use and offer durable, fail-safe construction with less hand fatigue. 

Nordson EFD

Ultimus™ I-III Dispensers

Ultimus™ I-III Dispensers Featuring time adjustment as fine as 0.0001 seconds, Ultimus I-III dispensers bring exceptional control to medical device, electronics, and other critical dispensing processes.

Nordson EFD

Ultimus™ IV Positive Displacement Dispensers

Ultimus™ IV Positive Displacement Dispensers Ideal for applications that require specific flow rates or precise meter mixing of viscosity-changing fluids, the Nordson EFD Ultimus IV Series provides positive displacement dispensing.

Nordson EFD

Ultimus™ V High Precision Dispenser

Ultimus™ V High Precision Dispenser Experience a new level of accuracy, consistency, and process control when dispensing fluids that change viscosity with Nordson EFD’s Ultimus V High Precision Dispenser.

Nordson EFD

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