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PCB-Series Plasma Treatment System

PCB-Series Plasma Treatment Systems

The PCB-Series can be configured with a variety of process gases and a complete range of RF generators, pumps, and blowers to meet the demands of rigorous 24-hour operation in any PCB manufacturing environment.

PCB-Series Plasma Systems are specifically configured to meet high-to-low production requirements. All system components, including the plasma process chamber, control electronics, RF power supply and PC controller are housed in a single compact enclosure to conserve valuable factory floor space.

Ultimate Process Uniformity
Uniformity depends on precise and independent control of all process variables, including an even dispersion of process gas and repeatable gas ionization. Nordson MARCH systems are designed to ensure systematic process control - within a panel, from panel to panel and batch to batch.

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Carbon Removal
Nordson MARCH's plasma cleaning technology removes the carbon from conventional through-hole board vias & blind vias typically used on boards where component space is restricted.

Wire Bonding for Medical Devices
To ensure high device reliability and minimize manufacturing costs, it is important to optimize the wire bonding process to ensure good bond strengths and yields.

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PCB-400 Plasma Treatment SystemPCB-400 Plasma Treatment System

PCB-400 Plasma Treatment System is designed for PCB production facilities, pilot lines, laboratories, universities, and R&D centers that require advanced plasma treatments in a compact, small-footprint design