Zone Shear

Nordson DAGE bondtesters cater for the range of zone shear testing requirements from standard zone shear, low profile zone shear and high force zone shear.

Standard zone shear
Standard zone shear testing (up to 50mm/second) is where a wide loadtool combined with a higher speed XY stage engages and applies a simultaneous load to a complete row of bonds.  This test results in the first row of bonds create a peeling action on the next row of bonds throughout the duration of the test. The shear height is actively controlled during the test using an intelligent loadtool landing and stepback system and the fixturing allows for sample planarity and co planarity adjustment.

Low profile zone shear
Low profile zone shear testing (up to 50mm/second) is applicable when the die or the solder balls are very thin and their height profile is low relative to the surface that they are bonded to. The low profile zone shear test methodology is optimizes to have careful control over a much smaller shear height.

High force zone shear
High force zone shear testing is applicable for emerging applications for large area arrays.  Nordson DAGE has the ability to provide up to a maximum force of 80kg at 600mm/second.