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Syringe Barrels and Cartridges

Nordson EFD‘s Optimum syringe barrel and cartridge systems improve yields and reduce costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable fluid deposits possible.  Also be sure to see our complementary dispense tips and needles and other fluid dispensing equipment.

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Ultimus I-II™ Series Dispensing Workstation: Barrel Holders Instructions

Nordson EFD

Flex Arm (#7017105) and Stiff Arm (#7017113) Barrel Holders Instructions

Equalizer™ 2K Dispensing Tool Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

The pneumatically-operated Equalizer tool accurately dispenses two-component (2K) materials packaged in Nordson EFD 50 mL 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratio cartridges.

Optimum Systems Poster

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD Optimum® Systems: The standard in fluid dispensing.


Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD grease dispensers reduce fluid waste and cleanup associated with applying dots and beads of grease in manufacturing environments.

HPx™ High-Pressure Dispensing Tool

Nordson EFD

Easily apply precise amounts of thick assembly fluids like epoxies and medical-grade adhesives through dispense tips as small as 0.004” with Nordson EFD HPx dispensing tools.

Optimum ESD-Safe Dispensing Components Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD’s Optimum® ESD-safe black dispensing components prevent static buildup when dispensing adhesives, pastes, coatings, and other assembly fluids used in manufacturing electronic products.

Unity™ IC Series Dispensers

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

An intelligent dispensing solution that is capable of automatically compensating bead size using an optional vision system

Nordson EFD Launches New Optimum ESD-Safe Dispensing Components for High-End Electronics

Nordson EFD

Designed for extremely precise, repeatable micro-deposits without static buildup – protecting fragile electronic components and minimizing costly rejects.

Optimum Components Brochure

Nordson EFD

Each patented component has been designed as part of a complete, integrated system that improves yields and reduces costs by producing the most accurate, repeatable fluid deposits possible.

Components Sample Request

Nordson EFD

Request samples of Nordson EFD components that set the standard for quality, consistency, and reliability within the fluid dispensing industry.

Dispenser Accessories Data Sheet

Nordson EFD

Add value and convenience to your dispensing process

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