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Controllers & Control Systems

Nordson EFD

Automated dispensing stations run at maximum speed and efficiency when Nordson EFD dispense valves are operated with ValveMate™ valve controllers. Our controllers provide a fast, convenient way to…

LA 404-2 Pattern Control Systems

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Distance-based pattern controller with easy operation and production flexibility for converting applications

Temperature Control Unit

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson temperature control systems monitor and maintain material temperature by heating or cooling during container coating operations

iControl 2 Integrated Control System

Industrial Coating Systems

For use with Nordson® Encore guns, the iControl® 2 Integrated Control System has closed-loop digital flow for consistent, repeatable coating performance.

PlasmaLINK Remote Control Software

Nordson MARCH

PlasmaLINK™ is a remote-control software package enabling customers to remotely operate and collect data from Nordson MARCH's AP series and RIE-1701 plasma systems

Encore® Modular Gun Control System

Industrial Coating Systems

The Encore® Modular Gun Control System is all digital and easy-to-use – for reliable and repeatable performance in automatic powder coating operations.

Meters and Metering Systems

Nordson Corporation

Systems and components for precision and control in metering paints, coatings, high viscosity silicones, butyls, epoxies and hot melt materials.  OptiMix, ProMeter, SureMix, more...

Spray Pressure Control System

Industrial Coating Systems

The Nordson Spray Pressure Control (SPC) system provides individual pressure control for each spray gun on a metal packaging line to help achieve consistent coating weights.



Nordson ASYMTEK systems help maintain volume control during automated dispensing of silicones

Conformal Coating: Offline Programming


Avoid programming on the system – program offline to increase production


Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson's wide range of controllers and control systems ensure that the right amount of powder, liquid, adhesive or sealant material is dispensed.

Flow Controls

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Enable material flow monitoring and control to improve dispensing consistency

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