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Industrial Gauges and Measurement Instruments

Purchase quality inspection instruments to enhance your processes from Nordson

Trust Nordson manufacturing gauges to provide an accurate reading of process efficiency and product quality so you can monitor and improve performance. Our industrial gauges and measurement equipment are designed to provide precision readings for a number of applications, including coating thickness and temperature. No matter what your industry, our quality inspection instruments can help ensure you not only get the job done, but that your products meet expectations, your waste is minimal and your cost and time are as low as possible. To learn more about our industrial measurement equipment, contact one of our representatives today.

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Use of Closed-Loop Process Controls in Dispensing


J. Klocke (Circuits Assembly magazine, January 2006) (PDF 467 KB)

Heated Stage

Nordson DAGE

Process Sentry Integrated Vision System

Industrial Coating Systems

Instant quality feedback on 3 dimensional beads and dispense patterns, for higher production confidence

Contact Nordson Industrial Coating Systems

Industrial Coating Systems

To speak to your local Nordson representative, or to request information on our solutions for the application and curing of powder coatings, liquid paint, ambient temperature adhesives and sealants…

Pelletizing and Compounding

Nordson Corporation

Overview of our complete range of products for polymer pelletizing and compounding processes.  Pelletizers, screen changers, pumps, screws, barrels, more.  BKG, Xaloy...


Nordson Corporation

Valves, controllers, robots and accessories for low to high volume lubrication applications in a variety of industrial and electronics industries. Nordson EFD, more...


Nordson Corporation

Jetting enables precision material dispensing without contacting the substrate, as fluid is ejected at high speed out of a valve or nozzle rather than pushed slowly through a needle.  Jetting enables…

Foaming Systems

Nordson Corporation

Equipment for combining inert gas with adhesives and sealants to significantly reduce volume and weight.  Improves material performance and reduces costs.  FoamMelt, SureFoam... 

Test and Inspection

Nordson Corporation

Improve quality in electronics manufacturing operations with Nordson DAGE bondtesters and high resolution x-ray inspection equipment and Nordson YESTECH AOI automated optical inspection equipment. 

Industrial Coating Systems

Industrial Coating Systems

Nordson Industrial Coating Systems | World leading application and curing equipment for powder coating, liquid spray painting, food & beverage can production and precision dispensing of ambient…

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