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Industrial Gauges and Measurement Instruments

Purchase quality inspection instruments to enhance your processes from Nordson

Trust Nordson manufacturing gauges to provide an accurate reading of process efficiency and product quality so you can monitor and improve performance. Our industrial gauges and measurement equipment are designed to provide precision readings for a number of applications, including coating thickness and temperature. No matter what your industry, our quality inspection instruments can help ensure you not only get the job done, but that your products meet expectations, your waste is minimal and your cost and time are as low as possible. To learn more about our industrial measurement equipment, contact one of our representatives today.

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Board of Directors

Nordson Corporation

Jetting Dispensing of Fluxes for Flip Chip Attachment and Measurement Methods for Ensuring Consistent Flux Coatings


S. Adamson, S. Heveron-Smith (Lumetrics) (IMAPS, Austin TX, June 2004) (PDF 258 KB)

Control, Measurement & Verification Systems

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Pattern controls simplify precise, repeatable adhesive application and production flexibility, while verification systems validate a range of parameters in-line, real-time

TruFlow Meters Data Sheet

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Accurate monitoring of material flow rates for information gathering and production adjustment for critical applications

Optimum ESD-Safe Dispensing Components

Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD Optimum® ESD-safe black dispensing components prevent static buildup when dispensing adhesives, pastes, coatings, and other assembly fluids used in electronics manufacturing.

Jade Plus

Nordson DAGE

High quality X-ray inspection for production applications. Detect a wide range of manufacturing defects including BGA, QFN and IGBT attachment, PTH filling, interfacial voiding, component cracking…

About Us

Nordson Corporation

Segment and Product Line Description, Executive Officers, History, Philosophy and Values, Nordson Business System, Sustainability, Corporate Headquarters, Sitemap

Pumps and Pump Systems

Nordson Corporation

High quality pumps for use in adhesive, powder and liquid coating, and polymer applications. BKG®, PermaFlo, Prodigy, StediFlo, more...

New Nordson EFD Performus X Series Fluid Dispensers are Built Tough for Industrial Use

Nordson EFD

Ideal for syringe barrel dispensing of glue, oil, grease, epoxy, cyanoacrylate, solder paste, and other assembly fluids, the new benchtop fluid dispensers deliver reliable performance.

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