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Fluid Dispensing Systems

Find metered, cartridge and high-speed liquid dispensers at Nordson

Nordson fluid dispensing systems offer a range of solutions for large and small manufacturers. Our selection of dispensing tools features high-speed and metered liquid dispensers, as well as material mixers, portable dispensers and other vital components involved in coating, filling and other fluid-based applications. Highlighted fluid dispensing solutions include:

Nordson ASYMTEK automated, high speed, fluid dispensing systems for applying precise amounts of liquids in printed circuit board assembly, advanced semiconductor packaging, and other high tech applications.

Nordson EFD semi-automated systems, related valves, components and other dispensing tools for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids in a variety of industrial, medical and electronic processes.

Not seeing what you want here or need to dispense higher volumes of materials?  Browse additional Nordson dispensing products or contact a representative to find the solution for your needs.

Valve - DV-03HPA High Pressure Valve with Suckback

Valve - DV-03HPA High Pressure Valve with Suckback Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-03HPA is a compact, air-actuated balanced spool valve with stainless steel construction that is compatible with RTV silicones, greases, and structural adhesives


Valve - DV-05A Diaphragm Valve with Suckback

Valve - DV-05A Diaphragm Valve with Suckback Nordson ASTYMTEK’s DV-05A is a highly chemical resistant, air-actuated diaphragm poppet valve compatible with adhesives, conformal coatings, non-acid fluxes, lubricants, and solder masks


Valve - DV-07 Adjustable Liquid Metering Valve

Valve - DV-07 Adjustable Liquid Metering Valve Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-07 is a normally closed, air-actuated diaphragm valve compatible with fluxes, reagents, adhesives, and paints


Valve - DV-09 Needle Valve

Valve - DV-09 Needle Valve Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-09 is an air-operated, adjustable needle valve compatible with UV cure adhesives, silicone oils, fluxes, inks, accelerators, solvents, and mercury


Valve - DV-7000 Heli-Flow Pump

Valve - DV-7000 Heli-Flow Pump Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-7000 Heli-Flow® pump is an encoded auger pump with a floating head designed to make fast, repeatable dots of solder pastes, silver epoxies, and surface mount adhesives


Valve - DV-8000C Heli-Flow Pump

Valve - DV-8000C Heli-Flow Pump Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-8000C Heli-Flow® pump is an encoded auger pump with a fixed head designed for high-speed lines of solder pastes, encapsulants, silver epoxies, and thermal interface materials


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